Almost any type of material can be crafted into a piece of furniture, but wood has always been favoured for its beauty and versatility. The natural beauty of the wood adds warmth and character to any room in a home. Materials used not only affect our experience, but also how we perceive a room.

With a plethora of wood materials to choose from, here are some of the common types of wood used to make furniture:


1. Pine, a relatively cheaper and lightweight alternative. One can identify pine through its knots. Though it is less durable compared to hardwoods like Oak, Mahogany and Teak, it makes a good option for those who love to mix and match materials within the home. Although it dents easily, it is still a good option for those who are price conscious.


2. Oak, a widely used wood with two variations: Red and white. The characteristically large pores and pronounced rings of oak give it a course texture and distinctive look. It looks unique and majestic when coupled with a sweet finishing. For those who want a rustic look, oak furniture is definitely for you. With it being a hardwood, it makes it more resilient and long lasting as compared to other materials. The only downside of oak is that it does not hold up well to constant exposure of moisture and cause the wood grain to be damaged.


3.  Cherry has a fine texture and even grain. Cherry wood is very easy to carve and polish, making it perfect for manufacturing fine furniture A prevalent wood type for luxurious interior design, it also comes with a high price tag. It takes on finishes and stain and with time, this wood grows beautiful and pleasing to the eye.


4.  Walnut is traditionally used in making fine furniture such as a mantelpiece or headboard. Commanding a high price, it is a strong, hard and durable wood that carves well and holds a good shape in a long run. It is an excellent choice for people who love ornate furniture.


5.  Teak, a tropical tree, is the hardest and most durable of the hardwoods. A perfect material rich in natural oil, it repels moisture and termites, making it a perfect outdoor and indoor furniture in Singapore. Teak works as a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for elegant furniture which require little to no maintenance at all. Teak is also commonly used to make wooden dining table and wooden bed frame in Singapore, they also comes in various styles and designs. A common style is Balinese, which features more rounded lines and intricate designs. Another style gaining popularity is Scandinavian, which features clean-cut and simple lines, creating timeless designs.

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