All About Finding the Write One (Writing table Edit)



Working from home and in need of a writing table? We've got you.While you're lost for choice, we have compiled a nifty little guide introducing our writing tables to assist you in your conquest for the write (right) one! Read on to learn more!


Featured: SLAT Secretary Desk, STELLAN Chair, SKOTT Display Shelf

SLAT's endearing unique design puts it in the spot for one of our all time favorites. With two pull-out drawers built onto the table surface, from which the table gains its two-tiered look, this table is amazing for propping up extra monitor at just the perfect height while you alternate between screens as you work on your laptop. Not to mention you can even stash your favourite books or your NATT stationery stand in the compartment between the two drawers.



Featured: SKOTT Writing Table, LOIS Chair, SKOTT Display Shelf

A table that grows with you, SKOTT features an adjustable height that promises to always remain at the perfect height for you. This table also has built in shelves with adjustable sliders to categorize all your favourite books while displaying your beloved succulents. SKOTT's also got your storage needs all covered with two spacious drawers that will keep your extensive stationery collection and your homework pile (or that huge stack work documents). You might grow out of your old clothes, but you will never grow out of SKOTT.



Featured: ENKEL Writing Table, KORTA Occasional Table

A practical choice, ENKEL excels in its functionality. This table might be clean and simple, but there's nothing plain about it. It's chunkier frame gives the table the sturdiness to last through the years and it's two spacious drawers will store all your work essentials and documents. Simple, no frills, ENKEL's built to serve — to serve long, and serve well. 



Featured: ATELIER Writing Table, BOKA Bookshelf

ATELIER will be what you wish it to be. A multi-purpose table, this table's unique design gives it its versatility. One of the few adjustable pieces of indoor furniture, the height of this table can be adjusted to suit different needs. A dining, study, or even a work table? Use it as you like, bring out the creativity in you.



Featured: VINNA Writing Table, STELLAN ChairLADDER Display Shelf

Chic and totally on fleek, VINNA's lithe frame hides a surprise, shallow drawer to keep your essentials, be it your keys or a couple of pens. Dig outs at the back of the table serve for wire organisation, keeping those cables from your monitor and speakers all tidy and in the right places. This table's raised sides are splendid in ensuring that your pen doesn't roll off the table. Trust me, it comes in especially handy when it saves your favourite 0.34mm Uniball pen seconds before it rolls off the table.


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