A console table can be both extremely functional and decorative, and the power lies in your hands to style it up. However, where you decide to place your console table is key, as it will dictate the purpose of it. For example, placing it along the hallway filled with photo frames & knick knacks could showcase the personality of your home; when placed in your living room, it could even serve as a media desk!

Rather than just chucking random pieces of household clutter on it, why not try styling it up and jazz up your home? We have came up with 3 different ways to decorate & style our ABBEY console table.



For those of you oldie junkies out there, styling up your console table the vintage way would be great for showcasing your collectible items!



Using statement pieces like a typewriter or a vinyl player can draw out the personality of your console table almost instantaneously! Be bold and pick out a vintage piece at your local thrift stores, & see the difference for yourself!



If you’re looking for a statement piece to decorate or simply to play around with, a classic HOLGA camera is small and perfect for the surfaces of a compact console table. It is able to create shots that yield vignette effects and beautiful light leaks, and in our opinion, this is one of the easiest film cameras to use.



This is how your shots will appear!



Using the console table as a music station is not only functional, but it can bring life to your living area as well! Display a couple of your favourite tunes, be it vinyls or CDs, a music station by your dining table would be perfect to jazz up (see what we did there?) your weekend dinner parties.

As a music station, your console table would look more sleek with a narrower top. To achieve this sleek look, we would suggest a console table without drawers. The KACK console table is a lovely piece that is slim and polished, fitting into most spaces within your dining area.


For a light hearted dinner party, we would like to share with you Mark Wilkinson’s acoustic album, Hand Picked.

Perfect for an intimate dinner with a couple of friends or with family, Hand Picked serves as a backdrop for you to rest and rejuvenate over some food and drinks with your loved ones. Our favourite track from this album would be Middle Ground (track #2). With a steady and gentle guitar hook, this mellow track is gentle on your ears, companied by soulful lyrics. Take a listen now, & we’re sure that Wilkinson’s voice is bound to take you to your comfort place J



Sometimes, having a clean console top is exactly what you need to spice up the look in your home. The modern mininalist style is not merely decoration, but when placed near the entrance of your home, it can be functional as well.

Adding a mirror as a statement piece, it is not only a neat place for you to do some last touch ups on your outfit, but the drawers are also good for storing keys and mail. The use of greens like cacti and ferns adds a touch of warmth to your console table, giving it personality while maintaining its simplicity.



Although it is true that these plants are tougher and can usually survive with a small amount of water once in a while, they probably will not thrive.
Here are some tips on how to care for your cacti!

1. Water them at least once a week

2. Don’t just water the cacti, give the soil a good soaking!

3. How much light is “just enough”?

- Too much: appear off-colour, bleached, or even yellow or orange-ish.

- Too little: when it etiolates (looks like its being stretched)

There are so many ways one can style up their console table, and these 3 are just a few to name! If you’ve never thought of getting one for your home before, maybe now is the time for you to get one & experiment styling it J