Can two pieces of teak furniture be exactly the same?

Unfortunately, they cannot. While the design of the furniture may be the same, as is the case with all wood furniture, the pattern of every piece differs due to the wood grains, which comes from the tree’s growth rings. These grains/rings are to trees as fingerprints are to humans. There may be natural variations in colour, as the timber from each tree has different shades.



Why does my teak furniture have 'eyes'?

These are due to the knots in the original tree trunk. These are natural imperfections and do not compromise the integrity of your furniture. In fact, many exploit the patterns of these knots for artistic purposes.


How are pieces of wood joined together?

There are various methods of joining wood without nails or screws. Here are some examples that are commonly used in Scanteak furniture: Mortise and Tenon, Dove Lap Joint, Finger Joint (or Box Combing), Miter Joint, Scarf Joint.



How long can teak last?

Several decades, even up to 100 years and more.